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ComPro Duo

ComPro Duo

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2 Holes Design

Maximum Grip - Due to it's special microfiber, ComPro provides maximum grip possible

Thin - Only 1.8 mm between your hand and the bar

Durable - Special fabric provides maximum durability. Always be ready for tough conditions

Ergonomic Design - Rounded curves for increase durability and comfort

Soft - Special microfiber surface provides soft touch

Maximum Protection - High quality microfiber provides maximum protection from tears on your hands

For all Levels - Suitable for all level of athletes from beginners to competitors


Important Reminder:

  • For the long-lasting use of our grips, we recommend that you clean with a brush and hang them to dry after training.
  • Depending on the frequency and style of use, the outer surface of the grips may wear over time. This will not adversely affect usage performance in any way.
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