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Weightlifting Thumb Tape

Weightlifting Thumb Tape

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For Athletes Thumb tape is designed specifically for the weightlifters, gymnastics, strongman athletes and Crossfitters® based on their needs.

Protective Thumb tape is designed to protect your thumbs during your weightlifting, functional training, Crossfit® workouts.

Stretchy and Sticky With its flexible design and high-performance adhesive thumb tape provides maximum freedom to your thumbs while it securely sticks to your thumb. Thumb tape can be ideally adapted to the shape of your fingers.

Premium Quality Made by premium materials which provide maximum comfort and durability during your workouts.

Perfect Dimensions With its 3.8cm width and 4.5m length, thumb tape has optimal dimensions for your workouts.

Bundle Options Box of 3 rolls, box of 6 rolls and box of 22 rolls options are available.

Breathable, Hypoallergenic & Latex Free



  • Make sure your thumbs are dry, clean, and free of chalk.
  • Stick the tape on one end of the thumb and stretch it a little as you wrap it round.
  • Once you wrap the tape two or three times around the thumb, simply tear it from the roll. You won’t need scissors.
  • Now, squeeze the thumb to make sure that the tape is tight and secure.


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